About Us

Who We Are

At ePhotoQuest, we are a small group of people dedicated to capturing high-quality images from across the world, from the everyday scenes around us, to places that perhaps only a few people will visit in our lifetime.

But we are more than photographers. We wish also to experience adventure, to make intimate and close contact with our own and other cultures, and to explore all that surrounds us. Through this search, this quest to find the unknown, we hope to gain a better understanding of the world we live in, and hope this knowledge and enlightened vision will be reflected in our photographic images.

Our Location

ePhotoQuest is based out of the West Coast of Australia. However, as a group of photographers that roams the world searching for photographic imagery, the actual whereabouts at any given time is always in motion. We will update our clients of our latest locations and projects through our Blog page on this site, as well as our social network sites on Facebook and Twitter, and hope that you will find these updates both interesting and informative.

Our Website

We do not aim to compete with the larger, extensive stock-image libraries available on the web. Instead, our aim is to produce engaging images that perhaps fill a niche, where the point of view or uniqueness of an image might draw select clients to our doorstep. We aim to build this library from the humble beginnings you see now, to include a wide variety of exceptional images that we hope all our clients and people just wanting to view our images will find beautiful, intimate and inspirational.

Our website is a fully-capable imaging site, offering the following facilities: -

  • Portfolios - a broad overview of our images can be viewed
  • Library - all our images can be viewed, saved to individual lightboxes, and purchased
  • Client Area - private galleries and images can be viewed, commented on, and ordered by our clients
  • Lightboxes - save collections of images for viewing later, sharing with others, and purchasing
  • Purchasing - purchase images for either download or printing
  • Licensing - options to purchase on a royalty-free, rights-managed, print or custom basis
  • Blog - where we keep you updated with our latest projects and images

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information on the various website and service facilities.

Our Services

While we primarily are involved in taking photos for this site, we are also able to offer a number of other services, including: -

  • Commissioned work
  • Model TFPs, portfolios and portraits
  • Digital image enhancement, repair and design
  • Website design, photography and computer tuition/consultancy work

Who and where we are, and what we hope to achieve